Prom 2007 :: Installment 1

We have to apologize to all prom-goers that came to the stu-stu-studio a while back. We said their blog post would go up in a week — it’s been a bit longer. As you know, Old Man Otis and myself run the Center For All Things Blog [CFATB]. About two weeks ago, we were both sitting at our terminals, doing things of the bloggish sort, when our alarm started going off.

[Note: This is not to be confused with the SIREN that goes off when a blog of EPIC PROPORTIONS needs to be started. For more on that visit The Gypsy Andrea High-Five Edition!]

This alarm meant the CFATB had been breached! We armed ourselves with a leaf-blower and rake to discover that Team James was trying to take over. A scuffle ensued. Kinzo took on the Old Man Otis, and I took on Queen James. I was too distracted with James to see what was really going on with the other two, but I know that Kinzo has a mean scissor kick and things weren’t easy for Otis. As for the Queen and I, I distracted her with shiny objects and tied her up with extention cords.

In the end, Team Otis succeeded, of course. We sent the ladies back to the World of Pictographs [WoP], and out of the World of Blog [WoB]. The point that I’m getting at, is that in the confusion of the scuffle, things went every which way but loose, and the first installment of Prom 2007 got put at the bottom of a pile for no good reason at all. To make up for it, I’m going to say sorry, and tell the tale of how the prom-goers showed us an amazing time. They came all “gussied-up” as some say, ready for their pictures to be taken. We had everything from couples, to groups, to cheerleaders… times were a rockin’!

In all honesty, I was jealous. So what did I do? Myself, Emily Monstah, and Kinzo gussied ourselves, and even had our supersweetsnaps taken! Thank you prom-goers, for fitting us into your crazy cool night… and sorry about the time it took, but we all know how Team James can be! Good day to all of you out there in the WoB and Enjoy!

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