Radio Flyin’ with the McIver Kidz!

Attention! Attention! May I have all your eyes and ears to the front of the room if only… if only for one second…

Kind of stole that from a song, but you get the drift. Now that I look up at that, there isn’t really a room in BlogLand. I suppose it’s because we’re kind of virtual… and cybernetic. [Warning! Bad Milo corny pun ensues!] Then again, we could have rooms… made of firewalls! Oh wow. Did anybody get that? Maybe four of you (see you at the next Mathematics & Logistics Meeting guys!). That was so bad I could taste it and it was delicious.

Moving on.

I’ve always had a thing for Radio Flyers. Yes, I’m speaking of the wagons, not AM/FM flying devices that you made up in your head as soon as you read that. For some reason I think they are extraordinarily neat and wish I had one right now. Techincally I do, from when I was little, but my mom uses it to hold potted plants… enough said. I also like the movie Radio Flyer, at least I remember liking it. All I remember is that Elijah Wood was in it and I think it was sad (this is not to be confused with a silent flim called The Radio Flyer made in the mid 1920s. Not even sure what that one is about (AM/FM flying devices?)). The point I’m getting at is that when the McIver Kidz made their way to the studio a little while back, they brought one! They rocked it, worked the camera with it, and even relaxed in it. It saddens me to think chances are I won’t fit in a Radio Flyer. Maybe that’s my new goal —

Find out if there are, or develop, adult sized Radio Flyers. Okay, no more about me and my goals. Ladies and gentleblogs, the McIver Kidz! Enjoy!

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