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Helly my dear friendly friends of the blog! I’m sure that you have been missing us, missing me, missing whatever it is that people keep on coming back for in the land of blog. I must confess, even I have been missing it.

It seems, my friendly friends, that after about 990 posts (give or take a few), my brain went into some sort of a mental freeze state in which I would look at land of blog (which, in case you were wondering, actually exists in a 12″ PowerBook G4…crazy, huh?) and my mind would glaze over, and the words would quickly run from my head, destined to never be caught by my fingers and placed into the land of blog. This problem, my friends friendly, has been quite bothersome. Some might call it writers block (although that would suggest that the words which are left here for you could be classified as some sort of cohesive writing, but even I would beg to differ on that), others might just call it ‘going soft in the brain’. Personally, I like the softer of the two. Moving on.

So, as some of you may or may not have noticed, there have been some posts that have gone up that did not have the words. Now, this may have been exciting for some, as the words are really just a distraction from the goodlygoods and the sweetlysweets that y’all come here for (that’s the snaps, in case you were wondering), and some of the hardcore bloggerites may have been saddened by this lack of rambling insanity which would creep from the blog into your lives, and some may have been wondering if this was the new direction that we were going to be going (not really sure if that is the best way to word that, but I’ve never really let that stop me before) with the blog.

Let me assure you, this is not the new direction we are going to be going with the blog. It’s just that sometimes, it’s good to breathe a little, take a step back, look at the snaps, and let them do the talking. It’s also good for the mind of Otis to take a step back, look at the pictosnaps, and breathe a little bit. Well, that time for breathing is over, and it’s time to get back to the words. It’s time to get back to the garden…umm…wait…I think I’m quoting CSN&Y…well…either way. It’s time to get back to the keyboard. It’s time to put order and harmony back in the land of blog. It’s time to respect for my faithful of the blog, and it’s time to put the words back.

And that, my dear friends of the blog, is that.

I have missed you!
I have loved you!
You have never been far from my thoughts!
Without You, We’re Nothing!

And now, we must be going, as we have many more adventures to go on, many more pictosnaps to see, and many more words to wade through before we get to those snaps.

OK, enough navel-gazing.


brotha o

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