Super Double Top Secret Family Lundeen Post!

I’ve been sitting on some very important snaps for some time now. I was sworn to secrecy. Names were changed, code words were used. Late Nite meetings behind the FunCenter on the fire escape…well…ok…that never happened, but the rest did.

Why, I’m sure you’re asking, was there such a veil of secrecy? Because the Dad part of this family was trying to suprise the Mom part of the family with some absolutely wonderful family snaps! I’m here to report, my close personal friends of blog, that he was successful in his mission. And, we can finally share with you the goods that were got on our mission!

It has been hard to keep from posting these samplesnaps, as they were so totally and completely wonderful, but we were somehow able to do it (mostly because I was under the impression that if I didn’t do this, it would be curtains for me…but as it turned out I had merely misheard the statement, and somebody was actually just discussing getting some new curtains), and now it’s time to pull the veil back, and let you – my formerly in the dark people of blog – in on the goodness that is The Family Lundeen (sans Ma, of course!)

Without any further delay, trickery, tom-foolery, or disguise, I present to you – my goodpeople of the blog, The Family Lundeen – Enjoy!

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