The Family Woodie!

After a dress rehearsal on a Saturday evening, our Sunday Morning got off to an absolutely wonderous start as we welcomed (with tail between our legs) to the FunCenter (hey kids…remember…since it was the weekend we can call it the Studes! Yay!!) for Fun to get some Good Ol’ Family Snaps (don’t look for this title on any of our brochures, not that we actually have any brochures, but if we did, don’t look for that title to describe any of our services, as the more I look at it, ((and, BTW, for fun, count the commas in this post)), it seems that anything that involves ‘Good Ol’ and ‘Family’ should involve the participants in the photograph to wear old time western clothes, and be photographed in a sepia tone in front of a fake old west bar scene…and I’m here to assure you that none of that craziness took place, no matter how much Jamie wanted to do it)!

Dear random visitors, readers of blog, and full-fledged inhabitants of blogville, I’m here to report the following news: The Family Woodie came to the FunCenter, and they were absolutely wonderful to work with! We knew the offspring of this family were a dream to work with, but this was the first time that we had the great pleasure of working with all members of the fam, and they were all a dream to work with!

I don’t know what their secret is, but on a Sunday morning, they weren’t like me (crabby & haggard), no no, they were bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to turn the charm up to 11! We offer The Family Woodie ManyThanks & MuchLove for being so easy going and wonderful to work with – truly, you were all wonderful (& thank you for being so understanding!) Well, I think it is time for me to quit all of these words, and get to the part all you all have come here to see, the sample snaps! So, to my neighbors in the land of blog, and to anybody else that may be stopping by for a visit – Enjoy!

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  1. hm… hello, what cute pictures! i want to see all of them joanna when they come up, okay?! when did you take these? well, obviously before you left. haha. anyway, you guys are all just so cute together! the third one is super cute, but i think all of them are really good!!!!


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