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I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Laura! Your senior pictures are absolutley gorgeous! I like them all! I definately want one! 🙂


  2. holy…how hot are you. wow just the most prettiest girl ever and im in love. well done laura

  3. Just curious as when you were able to come pick me up in a convertible and drive off into the sunset with me. Thanks.

  4. laura–oh my god! seriously you are GORGEOUS! i LOVE the second one but they are all so awesome! i cannot wait to see the rest!

  5. LaUrA!

    you are such a doll! i love all your pictures! i can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  6. laura you look absolutely GORGEOUS in your pictures! I want to see the rest of them!!!!

  7. laura you are absolutely gorgeous!im positive its impossible for you to look anything but beautiful! love ya

  8. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Missed seeing you at EstherFest this weekend.

  9. wow look at you pretty lady! your pictures are amazing, you’ll have to show me the rest.

  10. Laura!!!!
    I do believe that this comment i am leaving #18 on your post will tie you for the most comments on a post correct me if i am wrong UNCLE OTIS
    your shoot was sooo fun
    the bugs
    the lake
    tress passing for those bath tubs

    i would say it was more than worth it for these swwwwweeeet snaps!

    koo koo out!

  11. Hey pretty lady! im not one bit surprised that every picture is nothing but georgous! as always, ur so darn cute!

  12. Hey la!

    Just checking in from Australia. Glad to see that your senior pics turned out beautiful! Hope all is well and see you in a few weeks. Love ya.


  13. Laura, you’re beautiful. I’m jealous. When do we get to see all the other ones so we can send them to New York and so you can make the family some real money…I could make a good agent if you’re willing to offer me 60% of what you make. I’m just saying think about it. Love ya lots,

  14. miss laura,

    you are so stinking cute! your pictures are fabulous, as i see you must now know from all the comments.
    i hope you are well!
    take care and be good, little missy.


    p.s. i heart your dress in picture three.

  15. You are so HOT we love you. We are obviously not working at this moment even though we are at work!!

  16. Laura i love your pictures too! thanks for the comment! I better get a couple of your pictures woman cuz they’re adorable. Im so excited to get my proofs back now just to see all the different poses and stuff in all the outfits! let me know when you get your’s and we’ll check each other’s out! hahaha love ya hun!

  17. Lauuuurra! these are amazing!!!!! you are beautiful…can’t wait to see the rest!!!-love dani


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