Jessica & Cameron

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By otis

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  1. Congratulations!!!
    You two are so cute together, I am really proud of you 2. Jess you are gorgeous and Cam you are such a stud!!!!
    Love Mandi

  2. BEAUTIFUL, Jessie’s dream finally came true. May you two always be happy and in love.

  3. awh so cute lets start out with u cam thank u for marring jessie i couldnt think of any other guy with her but u u looked great well anyway congratulations now with u jessie u looked nice u semmed happy i proud of u u made the choice and if u ever need 2 talk give me a call congragulations im happy for both of u

  4. I am glad you guys finally got married. All those years you guys were dating and you looked really happy together. Congrats and I am glad you still keep in touch with some of the old Glenburn kids…LOL! Good luck in life togethere you guys look so happy.


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