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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Megan! So I randomly thought to myself, “Self, let us go explore in which the Otis and James blog dwells.” Then I jumped because I realized I recognized the girl at the top of the page. Your pictures turned out beautiful. They are smoother even than jello. What a link!

  2. MEGAN!!!!!!!!!
    wow these pics make me wanna put some lovin on you!!
    dang girl!!
    i heart the first and last ones the mostest!!!

  3. HOLY MEGAN!!! how hot are your pictures! you look amazing and the last one is my faVorITE!!

  4. Buchholz!! Nice pics, man. I especially like the 4th and last ones. I’m sure the rest are just as gorgeous!!

  5. Wow, was looking for some senior posing inspiration and stumbled on your website. So so glad I did!!! Your work is absolutely amazing!! I’ll be a regular now!

  6. Megan!!! You are so stinkin’ gorgeous!! I don’t care that you hate it when people say that…you are. It’s true. So I was bored in Adv. Comp. today and was exploring Otis & James and I got this brilliant idear…let’s look at Megan’s pics!! It totally made my day. You’re my fav.


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