Goodbye, Benjamin D!

Scenes from a park.

No rhyme, no reason. Just a little goodbye.

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Benny! i miss you already!
    i love you your are my husband…prom date..and my troy bolton!
    the funcenter will not be the same without you!

    koo koo out!

    (sad face)

  2. Benjamin, Good luck in school! O & J won’t be the same without you! Remember, I’m halfway between you and them know so if you ever need a warm place to lay your head (you know what I mean!!) you know where to find me!

    LOVE YOU!!

    -Ms. Kitty

  3. oohh, Ben! Miss you already. Thanks for inviting me to come have Crown Cakes and frolic at the park.

  4. Ben! i will definately miss running into you all over town. maybe we’ll run into eachother a few days, weeks, or maybe even years, from now and then we’ll have to “have lunch” and make a day of it. haha. good luck dude!


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