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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Okay, let’s break this down, shall we?

    1) Reminds me of the time I rescued you when your foot got stuck
    in the tracks and I thought I broke your foot, but at least the
    train didn’t hit you.

    2) You have that look on your face before you sneeze with allergies.

    3) J Crew

    4) I bought you that sweater.

    5) Favorite. Hugs & Kisses to James.

    6) If we photoshop the side of the house in with a whiffle ball
    it will be like real life.

    n64 books!

  2. OK Benjamin.

    You hereby get the award for the quickest fingers in the west at the latest hour (I’ll admit it, that award sounds a little sketchy, but it’s late…shouldn’t you be in bed??? Hmmmmmmmm?)


  3. There’s no BED when there’s BLOG.

    You know that Mr. Otis. Now I’ll

    just stay up wondering exactly what

    “the quickest fingers in the west at the latest hour”

    award/plaque looks like.

    Good Day.

  4. skylar
    you are the hottie super bomb!
    I love your pictures plus your shoot was so fun!
    “she really likes it when you look away but bring back just your eyes!”

    i like the b/w one the besestestest!!!

  5. I love the black and white picture the BEST!!!! You don’t look like your brother (my son in law) Ben at all.

  6. Why are u wearing all my clothes? My Dress shirt, and coke shirt, and you even useing my golf club and SWING. I don’t know how I’ma take this non sense.

  7. skylar!!..your pictures are amaZiNg!!..and i told u that you wouldnt look bad..ha i win:)..i better get some!=D..!!

  8. i think this is the best looking apple of the kjos’s. although brother ben definitly has the “quickest fingers in the west at the latest hour”. a feasible feat that none bare to challenge

  9. skylar! wow so i like the black and white one. DAS YOU LOOOK LIKE A SVEDISH MODELE?! why yes you do


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