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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. JORDAN!!! I Love Your Pictures! I Better Be Getting Some Of These! You Krystal And Me Need To Do Something Soon I Miss You Guys!! Anyways Your Pictures Are Great! Bye**

  2. JORDAN-wow…these are awesome-u kno wut would have been reali kewl-takin some w/ ur hot girlfriend-wuts her name again?!?

  3. jordan i love you pictures..i dont know who was talking about your drum one and how your hiding but thats honestly my favorite one..its you and thats whats the best of it haha…well thats to you later:)

  4. wow! lookin good jordan =] haha i cant wait to see the rest.. you look like such a model in some of these! … very nice :]

  5. your such a stud jordan. good pics, love em. they look so natural. let me know when you get the rest.


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