Well well well, what can I possibly say about the superlovely Addison that everyone doesn’t already know. Like, I could sit here and waste your time (some might argue that I’m already doing this, but it’s my party and I’ll type if I want to) regaling you (and yes, I looked it up, and regaling is a word…but it kind of reminds me of ‘regal’, and I always think of a Buick Regal, and that’s kind of silly now) with all sorts of stories of just how totally awesome she is. And about how she came to the FunCenter for Fun (FCFF) and just tore the roof off of the joint (ed. Wha???), and how we wished our time with her could have lasted forever, but alas, it had to end. We (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’) could have done this, but instead I think it would just be better if we let the pictosnaps do the talking.

Now is the time on FunCenter when we give MuchLove and ManyThanks to Addison for stopping by with her entourage, and to all of you – the faithful of blog that keep blogville safe and sound – Enjoy!

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