Gather ’round, my Children of blog (COB’s…not to be confused with a Cobber…for short), for I come to you on this day so crisp with a story of a shiny and happy new friend of the (should I use ‘of the’ or ‘to the’…linguists discuss) FunCenter, none other than the wonderful, the spectacular, the sweetly rocking and sweetly rolling, Josephine!

I know, you’re probably all wondering why it is that we get so lucky all the time. You know, I wish I could put into words how wonderful life is, when you’re…wait…wrong line…as I was saying, I wish I could give you all a reason as to why all of our clients are so wonderfully beautiful to work with. There are, however, no simple words for this. I mean, why do the birds sing? Why is the sky blue? Why is Josephine so awesome? Words can not begin to answer these questions.

Sometimes, it’s just better to not to figure these things out, and just enjoy what it is that we see and feel. Whoa. I think I’m gettin’ all metaphysical on you, and it’s still way to early in the day for that. I think it be better now to just stop all of these silly words, give ManyThanks & MuchLove to Josephine for being so absolutely wonderful to work with (and for being so brave in the cold cold winter!), and to say to all of you – my good peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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