Kharra & Randy!

Oh hello there! Thanks for stopping by again. Well, now that we have the pleasantries of out the way, I bet you’re thinking that there is going to be a bunch of silly words that lead up to the real reason why you’re here, and that’s the supershinyhappy pictosnaps that are just sitting here at the bottom of these words just waiting to be ogled (really, that’s a word…totally looked it up…whoa…actually did just look it up, and it’s a little skeevy, but I’ll leave it in…what the heck, right?! The More You Know!)

Well, I bet you’re sitting there thinking that. I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to ramble on and on and on about how lucky we are to have such gorgeous clients, and how easy & fun they were to work with. And, I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to ramble on about how our time with them was far too quick, and we can’t wait until their wedding. Yep. I know you, and I know you’re thinking that. But you know what? You’re wrong.

Yep, you heard it, you’re wrong. I’m just gonna say this instead. Kharra & Randy…dang. They rocked. People of Blog, see how it’s done. MuchLove & ManyThanks, and to all the people of the digital world reading this – Enjoy!

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  1. Your pictures look awesome! They had great material to work with! Can’t wait to see the rest! Love you guys.

  2. You two look great! So were these for fun or is there some news I haven’t heard………….just wondering???

  3. Ohhh my Kharra these are beautiful… Its weird seeing randy without racing stuff on! You both look amazing… See you later!


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