Don’t you just hate it when…whoa…I’m sorry…I thought I was doing my weekly Andy Rooney column. Totally sorry about that. Which is too bad, because I had a totally sweet curmudgeon rant all set up and ready to go. You know, when I think about it, it really would be sweet if I could just go off on some sort of a crazy tangent for a couple of paragraphs, and then just throw the old ‘ – Enjoy’ at the end of it and it would be all good.

Well, come to think of it, that really is what I do. But it would be great if I could do weird topical stuff. Like, I could ramble on and on about how this election cycle seemed to start years ago, and after about five minutes of that I could then be all like, ‘…speaking of Mitt Romney, the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and who should walk in but the everlovely Rebecca!

Which reminds me, I have known many people named Rebecca, but there is one in particular that is a long-time member of the Otis & James Family of Love, none other than sister of Jamie. Now, I know her name is Rebecca, but I like to call her the following variations of her name:

  1. Becky!
  2. ReezBeckeeez!
  3. Becks
  4. Reb
  5. Beckers
  6. and my favorite…Reba…like the country singer

I know she likes Reba the best. Well, I’m pretty sure she can’t stand it, but she lets me call her it. Well, with that in mind, I think it be best to say that we had a wonderfulfantastical time working with this Rebecca (notice, how I didn’t call her Reba!), and we would like to say MuchLove to her for stopping down to FunCenter and partaking in our Circus of Pictosnaps (COP! Yay! COP!), and to all of you out there wondering just how much Robitussin I’ve had tonight – Enjoy!

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