The Otis & James Senior Caravan of Love (in no way affiliated with the Minot Commission on Aging) kept right on a-rollin’ and a-tumblin’ through the streets of downtown and beyond (in no way affiliated with Buzz Lightyear), and this time the doors of Caravan (the FunCenter is actually a 1989 Dodge Caravan) slowed down and picked up the one and only Alicia for some deadsweet seniorpictosnaps!

Wahooo Yippeeeee Yowza! Alicia came to FunCenter and tore it up, all crazy-like. Now, after reading that, I’m sure you might be thinking that she came here and quite literally tore the studio up like some sort of a person on a rampage (hulk-like, if you will), but I assure you, at no point did she flip over a desk, throw a laptop against the wall, or even hurl a chair through a pane of glass.

No, instead of actually destroying the studio, she destroyed our minds with how awesome she was to work with! Yes! Now you can see why I used ‘waho, yippee and yowza’ were the only words I could think of, because my mind was officially blown by here awesomeosity, and I’ve pretty much been rendered capable of only using words like that to convey my message. I have no idea that any of that meant. I think it’s time for the next paragraph.

Well, there’s no sense in wasting any more of all y’all’s sweet & valuable time with any more of these silly words, and I do declare it shall be the time that we give thanks to Alicia for being so wonderful, give MuchLove to one and all, and to my good citizens of blog sitting all cozy in your warm homes – Enjoy!

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