SVDBOR v.29 :: The Ariel Edition!

While Ariel was strolling through Downtown Minot having her pictosnaps taken, people were so transfixed by her loveliness, that there were four car crashes, and all of them were still so transfixed, they didn’t even notice.

If you stop by the Downtown zone, don’t be alarmed by four cars in snowbanks. It just means we had a dead sweet shoot with Ariel.

And that’s the rest of of the story.


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Author: otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.

One thought on “SVDBOR v.29 :: The Ariel Edition!”

  1. Wow! Senior photos have sure evolved. Ariel is gorgeous inside and out. Your spirit really shines through in these images. I love you so much!
    Miss you,


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