Yo! Magic City Prom Peeps!

This is your fearless leader, or…your lead-less fearer here to remind everyone that the Prom Galleries are all online and ready to go.  There is a big link on our homepage, but I’ll give them to you here as well.

Prom Gallery I

Prom Gallery II

These galleries were posted on 4.19.2008, which means that you have until the end of business day on Saturday May 3rd to take advantage of the special pricing offered to our Prom Clients!

Click HERE to see the original information about Prom Pics and the special pricing.

Alright, get back to your lives now, but if you would like, e.mail us at info@otisandjames.com or call us at 701.838.6181 with any additional questions.


By otis

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