Bismarck Prom Pics at Fiancée 2!

Gather ’round, my good friends of bliggitlyblog, I come to you today with the good news that for the first time every, Otis & James will be offering SweetlySweet Prom Pics at Fiancée 2 in Bismarck! And now, the bullet points:

  • When :: Saturday April 26th
  • Time :: 4PM-9PM
  • Where :: Fiancée 2/Prom ::  114 North 5th Street ::  Bismarck (Click HERE For a Map)
  • Cost :: $50

WOWZAAAH! So you have the bullet points, but let me give you a little bit more info. As it says, we are only doing walk-ins. So, you just stroll on into Fiancée 2, you pay the money, you get called into the shooting area (don’t worry, camera’s only…no guns) where you choose between two different areas to shoot on, and after a awesomely sweet righteous short amount of time, you will be on your way out our door and out to Prom!

A week later there will be a gallery of the final images posted on our website, and you will have three images to choose from. You will have $30.00 in credit to use at our studio to then order prints! For two weeks from the date the gallery is posted, we will be offering special pricing to our prom friends, which is:

  • (8) Wallets :: $10
  • (2) 5×7’s :: $10
  • (1) 8×10 :: $10

You can order any pose you like, and you can order as much as you want (even over the $30!) Wahoo!

ATTENTION! GROUP SHOT INFO!! The cost for group shots is $10.00 per person in the shot. For example, you got six people in a group you want a picture of…it’s gonna cost you $60.00. Let’s hear it for basic math!  (Max Six People Per Group)


Holy Cow, that was sweet! Alright, you have all of the information, and please call us at 701.838.6181, or e.mail us at with any additional questions. We hope to see you there!



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