The Barley Pop (Time Marches On!)

Hello my good People of Blog (POB’s), I’m writing to you in this hour so fine with a short and sweet missive of a local establishment know as The Barley Pop.  Now, I’m sure that some of you may be wondering why it is I’m coming to you with this story, but one of your faithful members of the Otis & James Team, none other than the ever lovely and wondrous Emily, is the daughter of the owners of this establishment, none other than the equally as wonderful Cheri & Reuby Reile!

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the whole family over the last few years, and couldn’t be any happier to call them friends to our o&j family!  Well, as those of you that live in Minot know, the last part of the North Broadway construction has started, and the Reile family bar, none other than The Barley Pop [ed.  What’s the deal with you and ‘none other’ tonight?  Just wondering.] was one of the buildings scheduled for demolition.

Scheduled, I should say that it already has been torn down.  Don’t panic though!  For the bar is moving just a half of a block to the South from its former location, in a completely renovated totally sweet azzkickin’ new bar!  We’ve had a sneak peak at it already, and we can let you know that it is gonna be awesome!  It’s going to incorporate tons of memorabilia and keepsakes from the old bar, and also be totally new at the same time.  Best of both worlds sort of thing.  We know that we’re excited, as I’m sure all the Barley Pop peeps are too.  Look for the new bar to open very quickly (we’re talking real quick!)

Before the old bar became a memory, one fine Sunday morning, the Otis & James Traveling Caravan of Love had the good pleasure of pulling into Barley Pop station for a couple of pics to remember the place by.  Well, to my good People of Blog that are over the age of 21, we encourage you to visit the new Barley Pop as soon as it opens, and may The Barley Pop have 30 more years of wonderful memories!  Oh, and by the way – Enjoy!


Reuby & The BP

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  1. Hey Otis & James Gang!! Thanks so much for the kind words and great pics!! Love it!!


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