BITTE v.5 :: The Larissa Edition!

Did you know that on a day that wasn’t all that long ago, but more likely was that long ago, the doors of the FunCenter (and for those of you not in the ‘know’, as it would be, the FunCenter is where the magicalfantastic picture taking process happens) opened up, and into our lives entered the one and only Larissa??!!

Well, I just told you, so now you know.  Do you want to know something else?  Not only did she come in and brighten up our day, she also totally and completely rocked during her shoot (and, for those of you not in the know, we weren’t shooting at her, ‘shoot’ is picto-grapher speak for ‘taking pictures’), and I think that the results of my bold words appear only a few short keystrokes away!

We would like to thank Larissa for being so wonderful, and we would like to thank you for being so wonderful too!  Oh, and by the way – Enjoy!

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