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Folks, I’m gonna give it to your straight here.  It’s time once again to pack your bags and jump on the Otis & James Caravan of Love for a trip to a little town that sometimes goes by the name of Williston!  Folks, I’m also gonna give you some other straight up truth information.  We did not just point the Caravan (wouldn’t it be awesome if we actually showed up in a mid-eighties Dodge Caravan, replete with wood paneling and everything else good that goes right along with that!  Personally, I would love that.  There has been some objection to my affinity toward mini-vans in the past in the company, so I don’t think it would ever really be a possibility.  But a man has got to dream, after all…) to the west because Jim Morrison told us to.  We didn’t even do it because we hadn’t been to the Airport International for a while.  No no no.  None of these were the reasons.

The true reason we had the good fortune of paying this lovely town a visit was for the wedding of Tara & Adam!  You see, my dear good people of blogville, we were the official photographical engineers (dude, I swear, it’s what we’re called) of this wedding, and rest assured – we photographically engineered the heck out of this thang.  True story.

But you want to know something else?  The sweetlyawesomeness that are these photographs are for one reason only:  because Tara, Adam, and everyone else that worked with us on this day made it sweetlyawesome.  And that’s the straight dope.  We had a wonderful time, and would now like to take the rest of this sentence to offer MuchLove & ManyThanks to Tara & Adam for being so wonderful, and to all my good people out there in Land of Blog, sitting on your front porches watching the sun set on another wonderful day – Enjoy!

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  1. i really think you should put up ashleys senior pics soon like tomorrow because i am really excited to see them. and i cant wait any longer! 🙂 thanks!!!!

  2. Wow, I have such a beautiful niece!! Adam is handsome I must say as well! Great looking pictures…cannot wait to see the rest. I think my favorite is the sepia one with you and Adam embracing. LOVE IT!!!

    Your Aunt Janel


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