I really don’t know what we have done to get so lucky.  I mean, seriously, it just seems like yesterday that myself and my ever-wondrous partner James were just a couple of mall rats, running roll after roll of film through big machines with the only high point of the day being when a photo that was out of the ordinary come through (I’ll let all y’all use your imaginations, but it’s safe to say that both of us have seen a fair amount of people in our community in various states of being…and we have crystal clear memories.)

But oh, how those days have passed us by, and without even realizing that it was happening, we broke free from the shackles that were the world of Food Courts and non-stop questions about why the ATM that was outside of our place of employment was broken (of course, in its free time, the photo lab also runs the ATM.  I mean, it makes sense to get angry with us when it wasn’t working, because most independent photo labs also run small banks too, everyone knows that) and we found ourselves working with absolutely wonderful people such as the lovely Alyssa!

I could go on and throw a bunch more words at you, or ramble on even further about how much I would dread walking into the Food Court entrance at the mall, and how just being in that area now still gives me a sense of dread, but I’m just gonna end this post like this.

Do you want to know why Alyssa was (and is) so awesome?  Because she brought a cat to the FunCenter for sweetlykittysnaps!  And anybody that knows anything about me know that I love cats.  Seriously, I used to be a cat, and I still have remnants of my whiskers.  So that’s all that I have to say.  Anybody that wants some snaps with their cat is awesome in my book.  Straight up.

So, without any further delay, I offer MuchLove to Alyssa for giving us some of her precious time, and to all my good citizens of Blogville that work so hard to keep our community together – Enjoy!

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