FNBM v.2 :: The Family Gust Edition!

There is cute, and then there is super cute.  For example, I am cute.  When I am with my puppie doggie Suzie, I become super cute.  When I throw in a song and a dance, it’s off the charts.

With this in mind, it is with no hesitation that I declare the Family Gust to be…SuperCute!  They don’t need a puppy or any other props (I need props…lots of props), just by default they can stroll into the FunCenter and the cuteness factor goes off the charts.  No joke.

The time that we spent with this lovely family was filled to the brim with joy & love, and the results – my friends – were absolutely wonderful!  But really, how could they be anything but with a family so fine!  So, let’s heart it for cute, let’s hear it for meeting randomly at Chamber of Commerce Eagle Awards, and let’s hear it for The Family Gust!  And don’t forget to – Enjoy!

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  1. These pictures are great! I have so much fun with Ryker at the daycare…he’s just as goofy as his dad!!

  2. Yup, he’s a little camera flirt. When he sees a camera, he automatically smiles. He is a blessing and our dream come true. Thanks Otis and James for the great work!

  3. Oh there is my little Ryker! I love watching him at daycare! The pictures are adorable!


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