FNBM v.3 :: The Kelly & Ryan Edition!

And the train of love just kept on-a-rollin’, and this time our mission was to take images that were happening in real time, put some sort of a light source on them, and then to have the reflected light be caught on an image sensor that lurks behind glass and a shutter on our camera.  The subjects of this experiment were none other than new friends to the o&j empire (based more on empirical data than actual size or accumulated land), the ever-lovely Kelly & Ryan!

They, along with two canine friends (I’m sorry, I forgot the names, so I’ll just refer to them as the Huckelberry Hounds), bounded into the FunCenter just a rarin’ [ed. Is it frontier days around here, or what’s the deal with the ‘rarin’, and what exactly is ‘rarin?’  Just wondering] to go!  And, as you’ve probably already guessed, all was wonderful and perfect in the FunCenter for this wondrous shoot, and the results were fantastic (it must be something that we put into the air, and I’m thinking it’s Gonesh #2, in case you’re wondering)!

Now is the time that we give MuchLove to this couple for taking time from their day and giving it to us, and next comes the part when we tell all of you out there in the Land of Blog to – Enjoy!

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