Friday Night Blogging Madness (FNBM)!

There used to be a time when Friday nights would mean one thing.  That thing, my friends, was that I would be able to sit in my room, and watch Miami Vice on my 12″ Black & White TV.  And, if I was sneaky, I after Johnny Carson, I would stay up past my bedtime and watch Friday Night Videos.

I was wild, I will admit this.  Did I mention that Friday night was also Pizza night?  Ahhh yeah…life don’t get much better than that.  Now, flash forward about twenty-two years or so, and here we are.  My 12″ TV has been replaced by a 15″ MacBook Pro.  Miami Vice & Friday Night Video’s…I couldn’t even tell you what the line up is on a network station (late night for me now consists of Adult Swim and Food Network.)

Dreaming of what my future might be, looking out my bedroom window on a warm summer night and seeing two huge blinking TV towers, wondering what my future might be, well…that’s been replaced by me still wondering what my future will be, but I know that in my immediate future, I’m about to spread some love across the interweb in the form of a whole ton of beautiful blogs that are about to beat you over the head.

So, sit back, relax, wish that you had a Carbone’s Pizza in the paper bag (we’re talking pre-pizza box days, my friends), and instead of waiting for Crocket & Tubbs, wait for Friday Night Blogging Madness!

Crocket & Tubbs...oh Tubbs.

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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