FNBM v.10 :: The Children Posey Edition!

Holy cow. 

OK.  I bet you’re wondering why it is that I would start off one of these things (we call them bloggers around here, but that term ‘blog’ is becoming so weirdly mainstream that it’s making me queasy to use it, but I’ll soldier on, because we’ve gotten ourselves in so deep already that we might as well keep on going) with such an expression of craziness.

I’m here to tell you the reason for the Holy and the Cow is that I just can’t believe we had the good fortune of working with yet another one of those o&j superfav classic clients, none other than the Children Posey!  It just used to be the child Posey, but then another one magically appeared (children, you can ask your parents about the stork and birds and bees, as I’m just here to report, not teach, but if this thing ever falls apart, back to Minot State for my History Ed. degree I go – talk about Older Than Average), and thus it became the Children Posey!

Thank goodness for this magic, as it is always wonderful to have a brother or a sister to grow up with.  For example, I would have never understood what feathered hair was if not for the influence of my older brother Eric (you can call him Ricky – he loves that!)  There will still be time for these children to share such hair care tips, and all that I know for now is that it was a pleasure to work with both of these lovely children, and couldn’t be any happier to see the fam once again!

Now, we shall stop, give MuchLove & ManyThanks to this happy fam for once again giving some of their sweet & precious time to us, and to all of the citizens of Blogville reading these words on their digital interweb boxes – Enjoy!

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