The Magical Mystery Tour of Seniors continues at the FunCenter (hopefully without those weird fur animal suits the Beatles had to wear), and this time we’re headed to a place and a time and a person [ed.  I’m no scientist, but I’m really not too sure that a person can be a time and a place.  They may be able to be in a time and a place, but that’s about it.  For example, nobody ever says ‘I’m going to Billy.’ or ‘Man, we had so much fun back at Rebecca.’  I mean, that’s just not right.  But whatever, you never listen to me, so just keep on with your word madness.] called Ashley!

She came to the FunCenter for Fun ready to tear it up, to rip the lid off the joint, and – my dear friends – I’m going to tell you right now, right here in these very words, that she did just that!  You know, sometimes – well, this never happens to us, but I’ve heard from other people out there in the photographic world – but sometimes, people don’t look forward to having their pictures taken.  Yeah.  I know.  We’ll just let that set in for a bit.  Because that’s crazy talk.  I know.  But trust me, some people will kick and scream and cry and complain and run around like ninnies (is that really a word?  Wow.) waving their hands in the air because they have to be in front of a camera for a couple of minutes.

Sometimes, even, photographers will have to resort to bribery just to get the shot.  Things like, ‘I’ll take you to McDonald’s after if you just smile for this one shot!’ or even better, ‘I’ll give you money if you just stand there and pretend to have fun for just a moment or two.  And then money.’  People, I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve read it online from other people in our industry, and – as everyone out there knows – if it’s online, it’s true.

My friends, this has never happened to us, and – in the case of Ashley – it was almost the other way around.  Because we just wanted to keep on working with her.  And, truth be told, Jamie actually threw herself on the ground and screamed and cried when the shoot was over.  I told her to chill out, that we would be able to look at the images on the computer and that it would be alright.  But she just stayed there, face down on the floor kicking her arms and her feet.  Finally, after about ten minutes of this, I offered her the McNugget bribe (and, for fun – feel free to ask Jamie about her ‘nugget head’ impersonation she does), and she finally calmed down enough for me to get her out of  the studio.

Well Jamie, and to everyone else out there as well, I’ve got those samplesnaps here that will make you happy now!  So, I invite you to sit back, relax, be cool, have a nugget, and prepare yourselves for the awesomeness that was and is Ashley!

Oh, I almost forgot!  MuchLove & ManyThanks to Ashley for being so awesome, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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