BMWNROR v.15 :: The Courtney & Michael Edition!

Alright now, do you know what time it is???  It’s time for us to step into the Otis & James Wayback Machine, and go back in time…just a little bit now…to a town called Bismarck, and for a most wonderful event that was called The Wedding of Courtney & Michael!  I don’t know if you’re all ready for this, or maybe you were born ready.  Either way, it’s time to strap yourselves in to this old jalopy so we can see the goods.

These goods, I speak of, are the wonderfully superawesome sample wedding snaps I know all of you out there in the digital world of the internet have been dying to see!  Well, I guess I don’t know how badly you’ve been wanting to see them, but I’ve seen them, and if I were you, I would be dying to see them, because the samplesnaps are just about as awesome as awesome can be!  What’s that?  You want to see some proof of this?

Oh well there, my cyber-friend, don’t worry.  Because just a few short words away there will be pictographic proof of this claim which I have made.  But before we get to the goods, I have to spend a little bit of time giving MuchLove & ManyThanks to Courtney, Michael and everyone else that helped make the day so wonderful!  Remember, we just happened to be there with the camera – you guys did all the hard work!  No more words, just a message to everyone else out there – Enjoy!

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