BMWNROR v.18 :: The Carson Edition!

After a failed first attempt for our shoot with Carson (dang you, Mother Nature with your hardcore rain!), but it was all for the best, because on this – our second go around – the results were fantastic.  Carson, and his lovely assistant (Mom, if you will) came with us to the park, brought a little bit of furniture, and made a little bit of pictographic magic!

But really, folks, how could you not with a young man as lovely as Carson, as he always brings the charm to the FunCenter, or to any other place he happens to be at.  Right now, I’m sure, wherever he is, the room is twice as bright!  Which, again, helps out with electricity bills.  He’s eco-friendly!  I tell you, this kid just won’t quit being awesome!

Well, enough of these words, let’s get to the samplesnaps.  But before we do, I gotta tell my good peeps of blogworld to – Enjoy!

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