Kelly & Josh!

Oh yeah…hey…it’s me again.  Just thought that I would throw a ray of beautiful pictoriffic sunshine your way via the information superhighway (the interweb), and more specifically through what we in the world of o&j call ‘the blog’, and I’m not gonna do it through putting up a bunch of pictures of me and my doggie, or even me eating a grilled cheese sandwich (even though pictures of me eating a grilled cheese sandwich are very interesting, and I think some form of performance art, but I’ll leave those for later.)  Nope.  Instead, I’m going to put the sunshine into your lives via the wonderful sample snaps of Kelly & Josh!

You see, there was this time, that wasn’t all that long ago, when this dynamic duo sauntered into our studio and informed us that they needed some sweet bippy taken.  Well…it was something like that.  I know they came into the studio, and I know we took their pics.  But they may not have sauntered, and they may have actually scheduled an appointment in advance, but those things are just details, and I’m here more to weave a yarn than to provide an actual historical document of the time Kelly & Josh came to visit us.

Oh yes, back to Kelly & Josh!  Did I forget to mention that they were totally awesome, and the short time that we spent together was filled to the brim with excitement and pictoriffic goodness of all sorts?!  Well, I just told you, so now you know!

But who am I to just sit here and ramble on about how good they are, when you could just look at the sample pics and see for yourself.  So I will stop, and I will give MuchLove & ManyThanks to Kelly & Josh for beins so awesome, and to all of my good peeps of blog that are always so awesome – Enjoy!

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