Ladies & Gents…Once Again…LJ!

Hello all of you, our good people of bliggity blog out there sitting in your cubicles just hoping there will be something else in Blogville that will help waste away the rest of your day at work, I come to you with the wonderful news that there indeed is another addition to our productivity reducing website, and this young man may be familiar to some all up in here, in the Land of Blog, because he is none other than the Godson to Otis & James, nephew to Queen James herself, the one and only Jesse (the ladies call him ‘LJ’!)

Both Jamie & myself have been blessed to be a part of this young dude’s life since day one.  He has brought us – not to mention the whole family – nothing but joy!  So, it was with great anticipation and excitement that we were able to have him stop down to FunCenter this fine morning, so his Aunt Jamie could get some sweet snaps of him doing what he does best – looking good.

They had a fantastic time traveling about the downtown area, and afterward came up to the Nook of Otis for playtime with Suzie, cookies & milk!  It was pretty much the best morning ever, for everyone involved (especially Suzie, who has been cooped up at the old man’s place for too long.)

Well, I’ll stop all of these words now, and let you get to the part you’ve all been waiting for (in particular, Jamie – I just make her wait because she loves being patient), the sweetlysamplesnaps.  MuchLove to LJ & Momma for making the morning wonderful, and to all my good peeps out there in blogland on a day so sunny & lovely – Enjoy!

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  1. These pictures are too cute…I don’t even know this kid but the first pic is my absolute favorite!


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