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Yo!  Check this out!  I’m coming to you tonight with a wonderful story!  I’m also ending every sentence with an exclamation point!  I don’t know how to stop this!  OK, I’ll stop with the overuse of the punctuation, starting now.  So, what I’m gonna ask you to do us to pull your digital chair in front of your digital information box (computer), hook yourself into the world wide web, and prepare thy digital brain for this story.  Are you ready?  OK.  Good.  Here we go.

You see, my dear digital Friends of Blog, there was this time and this place, not all that long ago when a totally awesome thing happened.  Two wonderful people, that call themselves Evonne & Alan had the wondrously great pleasure of getting married to one another!  I had to use an exclamation mark there.  And, as if this wasn’t enough, the Otis & James Gang (no relation to The James Gang) had the totally awesome pleasure of being a part of this lovely day!

And, on this particular day, The Otis & James Caravan of Love travelled to a place called Bottineau…which is a magical and mysterious land of giant turtles, among other things.  Under the skillful direction of our photographer Emily and her assistants Maureen, Chris & Benjamin, the pictosnaps were awesome…and this was not made possible solely through our intrepid staff, it was really because Evonne, Alan & their totally sweet wedding party knew what the dilly-yo was.

Let me make that clear to you squares that might be reading this.  They knew how to work it.  They tore it up.  They rocked the house.  And that’s a fact.  But you don’t really need me here to tell you these things, all you really need to do is gaze at the lovely samplesnaps just a-waitin’ for your eyes a few short words away.  Before that, we gotta give MuchLove & ManyThanks to everyone that made this day so wonderful, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog on a cool & late Summer night – Enjoy!

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  1. congrats to the happy couple….loved your colors!!
    congrats to Emily..great pictures…that in itself is a gift!!!!!


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