It’s me again.  Oh, I suppose why it is that I have come to your digital window and started knocking.  And you would be right for wondering.  I suppose it’s even stranger that I am dressed up like the Easter Bunny, but we don’t really have time to get into that (some things in life are better left unexplained, for the sake of my dignity.)

What I have come to you through your ethernet cables and wireless connections (I have one built into my brain!) to tell you is that at some time, a time in our not too distant past, there was this lady, see, and this lady came into the FunCenter, see, and she had with her a bunch of clothes and stuff.  This lady wasn’t a crazy lady, the kind that stumbles around Main Street with a shopping cart full of clothes and literally just wanders into our studio and starts mumbling something about the government.  And even though situations like that make the day more interesting, this one was even better.

This lady, see, this one that I was talking about a little bit earlier, she came here for superawesome SeniorSnaps, and she called herself Brittany!  Other people call her Brittany too!  So, as if it wasn’t sweet enough that she decided to stop by with her clothes and stuff for the SeniorSnaps, she also had to be dead good at it too [ed.  If you reference your Shoreview, Minnesota slang directory for the early 90’s, you will find that ‘dead good’ means ‘superb’ or ‘excellent’.] 

As I was saying, Brittany was awesome to work with, and we’d like to give her a big ol’ plate of MuchLove & ManyThanks for giving us some of her sweet & precious time!  Oh, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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