What if I were to tell you something.  What if I were to tell you something totally awesome.  What if I were to tell you something that was totally awesome and also included pictures.  What if I were to tell you something totally awesome, had pictures to prove it, and then also told you something more.  What if, after telling you something that was totally awesome, showed you pictures to back my statement up, and then told you something more, what if after all that you couldn’t handle the awesomeness and your head exploded.

Did you ever think about that?  That maybe, the awesomeness that I’m about to unleash on you just may be too much for you to take in?  So, for those of you that are under 4′ tall and have any pre-existing heart conditions, or even suffer from anxiety or panic disorders, you may want to just ease into the blog.  Because I’m gonna tell you something totally awesome, show you pics, and then say a little more.  It’s kind of like verse/chorus/verse, except it’s our o&j way of doing it.  So make sure that you’re fully ready for this, because here we go.

On a lovely day in our not all that distant past, into our lives wandered the always wonderful and stunning Mikayla!  The reason for her gracing our presence you are asking?  Let me lay it down on you.  She needed the sweetly SeniorSnaps that she had heard about, and we were lucky enough to be the recipients of her pictographic skillzz in front of the cam (that’s industry lingo for ‘camera’ – just letting you in on that.)

Now, perhaps you’re sitting there thinking, ‘Well, it’s one thing for them to say this…but is there some way that they can prove these statements to us?’, well, for you ‘doubting Thomas’s’ out there, I’m here to tell you yeah – we got the proof.  It’s just a little bit below these words.  And their called the sweetly awesome SampleSnaps.  But before we get to that point, we gotta give MuchLove to Mikayla for being so awesome, and to all my good peeps of blogville out there just hungry for more digital love  – Enjoy!

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