Gavin & Sheena!

Oh hello my lovely peeps of blogville!  I do hope you are having a wonderful evening, enjoying these last precious weeks of the Summer season.  Perhaps you are on your porch, watching the sun set, with the glow of the digital information superhighway lighting your face, blotting out all the worries of the world and wishing that one way you could do this would be through beautiful sample snaps up on the old blog.

Well, my dear dear friends, I’m here to tell you that indeed there are wonderful samplesnaps for you to gaze upon on this evening so fine!   So stop all of your looking at CNN, and what the Dow Jones is doing, and get ready for a little story about a time that a lovely couple that stopped by the FunCenter so fun on a day not that long ago.  These peeps were called Gavin & Sheena!

And, they really didn’t even spend all that much time at FunCenter, as we took this show on the road to get some of this Summer goodness captured on digital film (just like a regular roll of film, except instead of silver halide it has one’s & zero’s)!  We had an absolutely wonderful time working with this dynamic duo, and would like to give them a big bowl full of MuchLove & ManyThanks for stopping by and brightening up our day!

Well, I’ve gone on long enough with all these words, so – my good peeps – sit back, relax, forget about everything else and – Enjoy!

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