Wine Walk 2008 Super Recap Report!

This past Thursday, September 18th the Downtown Business & Professional Association held its second annual Wine Walk!  This year, Otis & James was glad to be a part of it, and the night was spectacular!  Seriously, it was the perfect evening for it – gorgeous weather, and 26 participating businesses offered up wine, food, and all around good times as downtown Minot came alive for the evening!

We couldn’t have been any happier with the turnout, and we would like to thank each and every one that came to the studio on this fine evening – it was a pleasure to serve all 456 of you!  In addition, we would also like to thank some special people that helped make this night wonderful for us.  First of all, we would like to thank Karen Atwood for providing her incredible musical talent to us as she set the mood for the festivities on piano.  As usual Karen, you were awesome!

Anyone visiting the studio this fine night may have noticed some new totally awesome lighting that made the party beautiful, and – as usual – the person behind this goodness was the incredibly gifted and talented Dan Sharbono!  Diamond Dan.  The Double Deuce.  Whatever you want to call him, he’s awesome.  Without him, our studio would be a barren land where the pictures were taped to the wall, and the lights were tangled up in the ceiling fans.  But this is only one part of it, as Dan truly is an accomplished artist.  Look for him at 62 Doors Gallery & Studios.

Next up, we would like to thank the Mother of our very own Jamie, none other than Bonnie Rennich for working the food table for us – without her, none of this would be possible.  Literally.  Also, we would like to thank Giovanni & Adam for pinch hitting for us – Adam kept the wine flowing, and Gio made sure everything went smoothly.  Well played, gentlemen, well played!

And finally, we would like to thank our wonderful staff – Kacie, Maureen & Chris for…well…for just being the awesome individuals they truly are!  O&J is nothing without you!  Well, enough of these words, and let’s take a look at some snaps from the night!


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  1. looks like we missed out on a good time…but we had a good time with queen james the night before! can’t wait til’ our gallery is up!


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