Brianne & Tyler!

I could sit here, in my nook, next to my puppy dog, in front of my computer, in my kitchen, at the counter, with the sound of Freddie King softly wailing out some blues, with the occasional sound of a car passing by, and the voices of those on the street below wafting up to my ears, with my mind filled with thoughts of when is a good time for lunch, while I keep glancing at the clock thinking that my circadian rhythms are all wrong, and my 2:06 in the afternoon is really like 9AM for most people, and wondering if this is alright, but then realizing that often times the hours between midnight and three AM are some of my most productive, but yet knowing that there is a voice inside my head saying that I should acclimate myself to society better, that I can’t be a vampire forever, I mean – I’m practically thirty…or something like that, and it’s time to grow up, but why – I mean, is there really some sort of a pressing impetus that requires I do this, or would it just be me succumbing to what society deems to be normal behavior, and I could sit here, and I could type all sort of gibberish about things that will long be forgotten once they travel out into the space that is the inteweb, and I could sit here, with these things filling my head, and I could sit here and I could produce some sort of gibberishly long way of saying that we took pictures of the absolutely beautiful Brianne & Tyler, and they were incredible.

I could do that.

I’m not going to.  I’m just going to say that they came into our studio, and they tore it up.  They knew what the story was, and they owned it.  Straight up, my babies.  So I’ll save you all the words, and I’ll just give a huge MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful couple for gracing us with some of their sweet & precious time!  Oh, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog sitting in your chairs – Enjoy!

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