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A long time ago, not really in a galaxy far away, but on the other side of town, the Otis & the James used to be members of a society of school going people.  We attended a college that happens to go by the name of Minot State University.  The Otis part toiled away on the third floor of Admin as a History Ed major, and the James worked in the underground labyrinth in Old Main known as the Music Department as a Music Ed major.  Which, of course, led to us being professional photog’s.

Way back when, in these days of school is where we first made the acquaintance of the lovely Jenn part of this dynamic duo!  As I reflect upon these days now (and, I do love making statements like that which sound so pompous and grandiose), it’s crazy to think that all these years later (again, it seems like I should be sitting in my library with a pipe wearing my smoking jacket sitting in my leather chair wistfully stroking my beard) we would get the opportunity to work not just with the Jenn part, but also the equally wonderful Chad part of this fantastic couple!

The first time we were supposed to work with them, good ol’ Mother Nature threw a curve ball at the festivities (sports references, I don’t know what they mean but I see other people doing it so I figure that I should as well), but the second time around was totally and completely perfect!  But why should you just listen to me blabber on about it when I can offer up some photographic proof of these words.  So, I will stop the blabber, give MuchLove to Jenn & Chad for letting us have some of their sweetlytime on this Earth, and to all my good citizens of Blogville listening to Kenny G soothe your soul – Enjoy!

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  1. thanks for the amazing pics! i couldn’t find a photo in our gallery that I didn’t like! you guys are amazing!!!!


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