Ladies & Gents…Once Again…The Family Livingston!

We have a few of these, well, what we call the OC’s.  And I’m not talking about any TV shows that I never really got into, but I totally understand have had some sort of a generational impact upon a certain demographic of people (the same way that the first couple seasons of The Real World had upon my generation…I mean, who could forget season three?)  When we use the term ‘OC’ we are referring to ‘Original Clients.’  Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure there was quite an extended period of my life where the term ‘OC’ also mean that someone was ‘totally out of control’…I miss using that expression.  But back to what I was talking about.

You see, there were these people.  These lovely & trusting people that – for some unknown reason – wound up at the FunCenter before there really was a FunCenter.  When the business really consisted of just myself, Jamie and a letterhead with ‘Otis & James’ printed on it.  These clients will always be near and dear to our hearts, and The Family Livingston was one of these OC’s!  Way back in the day, when we first had the opportunity of working with them, they were getting ready for the birth of their first lovely child, and now look at them!

As their family has grown, our Otis & James family has grown!  We’ve got more helpful & friendly faces around our studio, and – speaking of our studio – we’ve moved on from little rented rooms to the shiny & lovely FunCenter as we know it now!  One thing, my friends, that has not changed is how much our clients mean to us – it’s because of all them that any of this is possible!  It’s because of good peeps like The Family Livingston that our little dream is able to survive, and we truly offer up soooo MuchLove to one and all that has made it all possible!

Well, before I start to get weepy, I think it’s time that we once again thank this lovely familyfantastic for stopping by FunCenter and for being totally awesome (as usual!)  To all my other good peeps out there in Blogland on a day so fine – Enjoy!

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