Oh Sweet Bippy…It’s Arriana!

There’s something that you need to know.  There are three children out there, as I type this, that fall into a different category for us.  These children are:


  1. LJ.  Little Jesse.  Our Godson.
  2. Arriana.
  3. Stella.


Now, with LJ, the reason is obvious (he’s our Godson, and the nephew of Jamie, so that one is kind of a no-brainer.)  As for Arriana, let me do a little bit of explaining.  You see, my dear friends of blog, Arriana is the beautiful daughter of Scott & Kacie, which are two people that have done more for me personally, and our business than just about anybody else out there.

They believed in us when nobody else did, and they have been with us every step of the way.  We are indebted to them, and – when this lovely lady came into their world – it has been our great pleasure to put her on this list.  Also, she’s just about the most gorgeous lady we’ve ever met!

Also on that list is Stella, and the parents of her know why she’s there (and, when is she coming into FunCenter??  Hello!  Call us B-Dog!)  As for you in Land of Blog reading this, you’ll have to wait for her.  But back to Arriana.  We had a wonderful time taking her to the park and just letting her work her magic.  If there’s one thing you need to know about this lovely lady is that she knows how to work the camera.  But you don’t need my words to tell you that, all you gotta do is just look at the snaps below to figure that out.

So, I’ll leave it at that, stop with all of these words, give a huuuuuuuuge MuchLove & ManyThanks to this lovely little lady & her parents for everything, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog sleeping in their comfortable beds – Enjoy!

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  1. Okay, I know I’m biased in two ways:

    1) Arriana is my daughter and she’s the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen in my life.

    2) Matt and Jamie are my bosses and friends – the best bosses I’ve ever known – and I’ve always loved their work!

    but seriously people, are these not the most adorable pics you have ever seen in your life???? The photographer and subject together truly are perfection!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the things you guys have done for Scott and I! The friendship, all the truly beautiful snaps, the part-time job when I needed it most – we’ve learned from both of you as well – in ways we’re sure we don’t even know of yet.

    Jamie – love the pictures – couldn’t be happier! Thanks!

    Matt – the kind words are wonderful of you to say. Thank you.

    See you both where the wheels turn at the super duper awesome fun center!

    Sincerely yours,

    Kacie, Scott and Arriana

    P.S. Fat Al still loves you Matt and is pining away in the basement over you – Jamie he loves you even more!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Ummmm…totally didn’t do any editing to these words (cough – correct name spelling – cough)…and uhhh I probably shouldn’t be typing after three AM.


  3. i am biased also. but you have to agree she is the most precious baby ever. i just love love love the pictures and of course Arriana. her parents are great too. o and j you are the best.

  4. Arriana is too cute for words! The pics are great (as always)!!

    I miss you Otis and James. I really need to stop by for a visit. Now that I am working more, I feel like the time just flies by.

  5. Love.Love.Love these pictures!! It makes me want to go buy some baby Gap or something! Kacie, she is SO B-a-utiful!!! Please let us watch her sometime.

    Matt & Jamie- we will be in someday when you aren’t working so much- mmmm, yeah… so maybe around 2075?

  6. how can you not LOVE this baby! She is happy all the time!
    Look, she’s blowing you kisses!!

  7. Wow! Please pass on my congratulations to Scott and Kacie! She is truly lovely and I’m very happy for them both!

  8. Awww, I want to get in on this RPL-DS love! Kacie, she’s so beautiful! And nice choice of outfit! My favorite is the bending over playing with leaves one.


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