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Well here we are, my dear good friends of blogworld, just a few days away from that most Hallowed of Eve’s, and in keeping with this theme, I bring you a story all the way from Sleepy Hollow!  I know, you’re sitting there thinking I’m going to go all Ichabod Crane on you, but this is a much different story.

This story, my fine and beautiful people of blogville, is about two equally fine and beautiful people that go by the name of Mikayla & Bryce, and the Sleepy Hollow which they were at was the site of their most wonderful wedding!  This story is not scary & spooky.  No no no!  This story is instead wondrous & beautiful, filled to the brim with nothing but gorgeous people that made our day totally and completely wonderful!

The Otis & James Caravan of Love pulled out of the Minot station and headed South to B-Town (and for all you supersquares out there, that’s Bismarck) to be a part of this sweetlysweet day!  I bet that you’re sitting there right now in your comfortable digital blog home wondering if this couple and everyone else involved with this day was totally awesome, or if they were just average.  Dear friends of blogatron, I’m here to assure you that this couple and their wedding party wasn’t just totally awesome, they were totally superawesome.  Did you hear that?  Superawesome.  Yeah.  I’m just gonna let that fester in your mind for a second or two, because I don’t want to overload your synapses.

I think it best if we just leave all of these words behind, give a huge bunch of MuchLove & ManyThanks to Mikayla & Bryce for letting us be a part of their day, and tell you, my faithful peeps of blog to – Enjoy!

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