Alicia & Joshua

Hop aboard one and all, for the Otis & James Caravan of Love is about ready to take off, and this time we’re going to a special place of magical tall turtles called Bottineau!  I guess that we’ll actually have to hop into the WayBack Machine, because we’re going to have to travel back in time just a little bit.  So, if you push the empty Nite Train boxes out of the way, I think there is enough room for everyone to get on…alright…is everybody in?  Sweet.  Because here we go.

I suppose you’re asking yourself, ‘Self, why am I subjecting myself to a voyage in this 1977 Monte Carlo that’s been converted into some sort of a ‘WayBack Machine’…and is that bacon that I smell?’, and I’m here to give you answers.  First of all, yes – that is bacon.  Secondly, the reason for our voyage back in time to the magical land of giant turtles is because we are going to look at the sweetlysnaps of the wedded bliss of Alicia & Joshua!

You see, we had the good pleasure of being a part of this wonderful day, and we would like to give MuchLove & ManyThanks to Alicia & Joshua, the Wedding Party, and everybody else that made our work so easy!  Again, I apologize for the condition of the WayBack Machine, but after you see the samplesnaps, you’ll know that it was worth it.  Enough of these words, good people of blog – Enjoy!

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Check it out. It’s Kris. Yeah!

Good evening my good people of the good Land of Blog.  Well, I suppose that when you are reading this, it may not be evening, but in my world people only use the internet to get to the blog, and they just keep refreshing the page over and over and over again in hopes that there will be something new out there to see.  I’m not sure if there are any people out there that truly are doing this, and if so – you may want to seek some form of medical attention, whether it be just talking to somebody or medication.  Personally, I don’t have any problem if you fall into this category, but it may not be the most healthy behavior.  I’m just sayin’.

So, for the couple of people out there that are just refreshing and refreshing the page – hello.  How are you?  I hope well!  I have good news for you.  Are you ready?  Well, here goes.  I’ve got some dead sweet samplesnaps for you to gaze upon.  Yep.  You can stop with your OCD behavior for a moment and read these words and then click on the happy little images beneath these words and let your mind go wild with delight for a moment or two, and after your bliss you can return to your wild compulsive ways of only using the internet to look for new pictures.  Fly on, my friends!

We would love to extend a hearty helping of MuchLove & ManyThanks to Kris for being totally awesome to work with (do you love how my vernacular is straight out of 1987?), and to one and all out there in Land of Blog, the OCD’s & the regular folks too – Enjoy!

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Oh Sweet Bippy…It’s Arriana!

There’s something that you need to know.  There are three children out there, as I type this, that fall into a different category for us.  These children are:


  1. LJ.  Little Jesse.  Our Godson.
  2. Arriana.
  3. Stella.


Now, with LJ, the reason is obvious (he’s our Godson, and the nephew of Jamie, so that one is kind of a no-brainer.)  As for Arriana, let me do a little bit of explaining.  You see, my dear friends of blog, Arriana is the beautiful daughter of Scott & Kacie, which are two people that have done more for me personally, and our business than just about anybody else out there.

They believed in us when nobody else did, and they have been with us every step of the way.  We are indebted to them, and – when this lovely lady came into their world – it has been our great pleasure to put her on this list.  Also, she’s just about the most gorgeous lady we’ve ever met!

Also on that list is Stella, and the parents of her know why she’s there (and, when is she coming into FunCenter??  Hello!  Call us B-Dog!)  As for you in Land of Blog reading this, you’ll have to wait for her.  But back to Arriana.  We had a wonderful time taking her to the park and just letting her work her magic.  If there’s one thing you need to know about this lovely lady is that she knows how to work the camera.  But you don’t need my words to tell you that, all you gotta do is just look at the snaps below to figure that out.

So, I’ll leave it at that, stop with all of these words, give a huuuuuuuuge MuchLove & ManyThanks to this lovely little lady & her parents for everything, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog sleeping in their comfortable beds – Enjoy!

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