Laurie & Scott!

Yo ho ho, my good peeps of Blog!  It’s me, again.  It’s always me though, isn’t it.  I guess I could cut that part out and just get to the goods, but I feel like kind of a weirdo just jumping in, so I guess I will always feel compelled to introduce myself, otherwise it just seems kind of rude.  Then again, it’s kind of like I’m on an Island of Blog, and I’m the only inhabitant, because these words are just going on out into the cyperspace, so it would be like introducing myself to the air every time that I start speaking, which too would be weird.  But living alone on an Island makes you crazy after a while.  Either way, it’s me again.

I’m coming to you on this fine night of election with some sweetlysamplesnaps, and to be more accurate some totally righteous (and, that not ‘epic pics’, even though they are epic, the ‘e’ stands for something else) of the one and only, the supercouple that goes by the name of Laurie & Scott!

They sauntered into our lives on a day so fine not all that long ago (and, time is a loose concept in my world…I almost voted for Ross Perot again today), and made our lives all the brighter with their wondrous ways!

Wondrous Ways, incidentally, is the title of my self-help book coming out in the Spring of ’09.  But enough about me, I would now like to say that Laurie & Scott were totally awesome to work with, and we would like to give them a box full of MuchLove & ManyThanks, send the box to them via FedEx Priority Overnight.  Yeah, so we pretty much dig them.

We need to stop these words now and get to the goods, which are the samplesnaps.  To all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog getting ready to hear the election results – Enjoy!

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