Only a Few Sessions Left In November!

Alright, it’s time once again for my weekly report about…let’s see if you can guess it…PORTRAIT SESSIONS!

As you can tell by my use of all caps and bold, we’re not joking around here.  We just want to let you know that if you were thinking about getting pics taken in time for the Holidays, there are still a couple of session times open!

Time’s-a-wastin’…don’t delay!  We will book these times.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘The early bird catches the worm!’  Actually, I don’t think he said that, but it seems that people will listen if you mention him.  It’s a proven fact.  Look it up.  But before you do that, call us if you want to get in!

These last sessions will book quickly!  Don’t drag your feet!

Alright, back to your Monday now.


UPDATED 11.13.08  ::  That’s all folks…they done got booked!

By otis

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