Jody & Brent

A not so long time ago, in an oil filled land called Tioga, there was this couple.  And with this couple was a wedding party.  And along with this wedding party were the families.  And with all of these people were a whole bunch of guests.  And all of these people weren’t just all hanging out to get their kicks.  Oh no, my dear friends of blog, I’m here at this early hour of the day to tell you that they were all gathered together for the most wonderful totally awesome, superfantastic wedding of Jody & Brent!

It was a day filled to the brim with nothing but sweetlygood times, superawesome people, and totallyrighteous pictosnaps!  And, my friendly peeps, I’m here to tell you that all of this was made possible not from a charitable grant from the Macarthur Foundation, or even viewers like you…no no no, it was all made possible because Jody & Brent were and are so completely awesome!

They, along with everyone else we worked with, made our day wonderful, and we would like to offer up a huuuuuuuge MuchLove & ManyThanks to one and all for being so beautiful!  Well.  I think I have blabberd on long enough, and it is now time for us to put all of these words away, and get to the good part.  No, not where I start to recite poetry about my favorite cats, but the part where we put all of these silly words away, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweetly samplesnaps!  And, my good peeps of blog, dont forget to – Enjoy!

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