March 3rd. Also Know As The Birthday of Queen James!

If you know what’s best, you better RECOGNIZE!  Happy Birthday Jamie!  Thank you for making all of us look beautiful!

Domestic Goddess

And, I’m expecting you to wring my neck as soon as you see I’ve put that pic up.

We Love You!
Team o&j

Author: otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.

7 thoughts on “March 3rd. Also Know As The Birthday of Queen James!”

  1. Happy birthday miss Jamie!! 😀 have a wonderful day!

    PS…love the pic! you look about as domestic as i do! 😀 haha

  2. Ohhhh my godness! I remember when this picture was taken! Happy birthday Queen James!

    Miss you! Kooks

  3. Happy Birthday Jamie! Have a great day! By the way I think your totally rockin in that pict!!!

  4. I can honestly say I’ve been lucky to have many first hand experiences with this lovely lady! You’ve been a wonderful friend for all these years and I love you dearly! Have a great birthday you sexy biotch you!

  5. Yes, your birthday is over, but the digital memories will always linger on…

    It’s been shortened to a stub, however (meaning the awesome pic won’t show up on the page unless you click ‘continue reading…’

    If I get some more blog posts, it will just drift on to another page!

    And…I also changed the timestamp on it – so it’s not the lead-off post anymore. But it’s still not going away.



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