Check This Out, Yo. It’s Jenna & Brent!

Sometimes you gotta work for it, and sometimes you just gotta turn on the camera.  When Jenna & Brent came to town, and by town I’m talking about walking through the doors of the FunCenter.  We never know what we’re gonna get until the gettin’ get’s to goin’, got me?  Great.  It could have been tough.  It could have been like pulling teeth, which requires a wrench and a lot of muscle.  It could have been like that.  But it wasn’t.

Nope.  We just had to turn on the camera.  They came in ready to rock AND roll.  You heard me right, both.  Which is a good thing for us, because we’re going to have the wondrous pleasure of working with them in the not all that distant future at their wedding!  Wahoooo!  Because, like, it kind of stinks when you have to work for it all day long.  Not that this has ever happened to us, but I’ve heard that some photographers have actually spontaneously combusted in this case.

So, without any further delay – well, we gotta give a huge MuchLove & ManyThanks to Jenna & Brent for giving us some of their sweet & precious time, and to all my good children of blog waiting for further instructions – Enjoy!

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