OMG. Book Backrops Are Gonna Be All The Rage This Year.

Senior Fever.  Catch It Today.Dudes.  Oh my dudes.  I’m going to let you in on something.  Throughout your life, there will be moments where your creativity will stagnate, and then there will be moments when your creativity will soar, like the eagle!  My friends, our eagles are flying high, as during a trip to MSU the other day, we stumbled upon something so fantasticlyawesome that we just know it is going to be the buzz for our Seniors this year.  Fake books.

You heard me right.  Fake books.

You see, if you want to portray that you are a person of the books, you are studious…what better way to say it than with the fake book background.  Not doing so hot with the grades, but yet want the relatives to still think you are hitting the books 24/7?  Fake books.  Spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time on real book?  Fake books.

And adults, you want to convey that image that you are a person that’s getting it done?  You want you boss to know just how awesome you are?  How about a picture like what you see above these words.  Nothing says ‘I’m gettin’ it done’ like an 8×10 with you and a fake books background.  Hang it up in your office, and next time boss person stops by, they’ll know you’ve got moxie.

Fake books for 2009.  Hell yes.

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  1. hahahahahaha, I have not been on the blog in a while but I am glad I decided to check it out tonight.. These are just great.. Right click>save as


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