My Peeps. It’s Time To Groove. It’s Time For Tyler.

Do any of us really know what that title means?  Are we really supposed to know what it means, or is it just a way for me to get these sweetlysweet seniorsnaps of Tyler to you without just giving a title like, ‘Tyler.  Senior Portraits.’, which would be absolutely no fun at all.  That’s the kind of label that goes on your permanent file, whatever that may be.  And we’re not about that.  In fact, my dear Friends of Blog, we’re all about getting our photographic groove on, and this time we were assisted by the one & only, the class act that is…Tyler.

Now, for those of you that are wondering, ‘What do they mean by this photographic groove?’  Well, it’s nothing weird.  In fact, it’s good.  There really is no way to explain it other than to say you know when you’re in it.  If you want proof of this, all you gotta do is look a little further down, past these words to the samplesnaps, and you’ll feel what I speak of.  Dig?  Great.

The hour is late, and I shall not waste any more of your time with these silly words.  Instead, I just need to give tyler a giant bowl full of MuchLove for stopping by FunCenter and giving us some of his sweet & precious time, and not it’s time for me to tell all my good Peeps of Blog to – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. All together now…..”modeling contract!!!” Fantastic pics of a fantastic guy! Wowee!

  2. tyler these are so awesome I could just pass out!

    oh & matt, I like the new logo bar at the bottom of the photos

  3. Proud of You Son, this is amazing, we could write a story about us both making the top 5,,,,love you son, call mem, after everything settles down…

  4. Ty!! these are soo good! i want all of them. this years gonna be the best ever 🙂
    much love-ash


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